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Vava 4k Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Review

While the image quality is bearable, the 1280 by 720 resolution and 600 to 1 contrast ratio doesn’t make for the most detailed scenes. Still, the Capsule is a great option for those who value portability and ease of use over pristine image quality. It’s hard to do much better than the BenQ HT2150ST when you’re looking for a high-quality home theater centerpiece that stays out of quadruple-digit price tag territory. In our testing, it treated us to impeccable clarity and consistently vibrant colors, whether watching fast-paced action scenes or tranquil panoramic shots. Its fan is one of the quietest we’ve ever encountered, remaining barely noticeable even when the sound effects faded away and yielded to muted scenes of dialogue. This allows you to project an absolutely massive 150-inch image with the projector just over 8 feet from the screen.

  • There was no real difference between the Blu-ray and UHD version of the films I watched except for a slight bump in sharpness so I stuck with the UHD versions throughout.
  • Plasmas offer richer, bolder colors – especially with blacks, which look really dark and make scenes that are in shadow highly detailed.
  • Systems can be integrated with control panels, displays, touchscreens and components.

Because of this, you’ll have to physically move the projector closer to or farther from the screen to get the right fit. Unlike other types of projectors that use lamps as their light source, laser projectors use LEDs. This difference translates to less electricity used and less heat produced, which means laser projectors are quieter to operate and can last much longer. Laser projectors also offer higher levels of contrast compared to others because LED technology can turn itself off on black areas of the screen and produce true blacks. Among the downsides of laser technology is that it produces a lower maximum brightness, and is the most expensive. To be truly portable, you’ll need your mini projector to be able to run on batteries.

But another aspect to consider is that this projector does not include integrated speakers. So, although you can get a great projector for a cheap price, if you want sound, then some speakers may need to be added to the list. The research surrounding projectors has shown that if a customer buys the absolute cheapest options, they may be satisfied by the result. But only if they have not had experiences with higher-end projectors to compare the cheaper ones to. Like most products in the marketplace, you get what you pay for.

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These computers are designed to endure harsh temperature extremes. The computers can be IECEx, ATEX, INMETRO, and UL rated for hazardous locations. Projected Capacitive and analog resistive touch terminals are available.


Even in lighter scenes, colors looked rich and vibrant, and skin tones always looked natural and accurate. This projector was also able to provide the best definition in bright scenes without washing out any details. Though ambient light did tend to wash colors out a bit, the BenQ HT2150ST is definitely our favorite model for a dark room. We watched several movies and scrolled through numerous HD photos before we began our testing to determine where different models struggled to produce stellar images. Max Mutter, Steven Tata, Michelle Powell and Hayley Thomas have been leading projector testing for three years, and in that time, they’ve had their hands on over 50 models.

You may expect many buttons on a remote control which has this size, but it’s not the case here; very few buttons compared to its size. Also worth a nod is the exceptional picture quality from standard definition sources. We put on some Freesat channels and they looked great upscaled on the 60-inch panel. Usually we’d expect everything under 1080p to look poor, but that isn’t the case here. In the Kuro’s heyday this was a real problem for plasma screens – it could be difficult watching them in bright rooms.

The P42G20B’s multimedia features are boosted by its carriage of both SD card and USB slots that can play a wide variety of file types, including MP3/AAC arris tg1682g instruction manual audio, AVCHD, DivX, JPEGs, and MPEG2 video. Plus, as noted earlier, the P42G20B allows you to record footage from the digital tuners to USB HDD hard drives. What’s more, since it records the direct digital video stream, these recordings are essentially identical in quality – with HD or standard def – to the original broadcasts. You can set the TV to buffer video to the USB HDD automatically, too, giving you a handy instant rewind feature. At just $700 for the 65-inch version of the Hisense H8G – after a massive price drop from its original RRP – it’s outstanding value. You’re not having to make do with a sub-standard set, though, as the apps are easy to find and use, Google Assistant support is well-implemented, and the technical specs rival much pricier models.